Do you love good coffee, good food and good music?

Who doesn’t!

At Blues Caffè we believe that we have found the perfect balance between these three “life essentials”. Blues Caffè was born out of a love for excellent coffee.  Feeling that we have something special to offer, we have come up with our own blend of coffee beans, the “Blues Secret Mix”.  With “Bean There”  Burundi beans (Fair Trade Certified, Single Origin African Beans) as the basis of the mix, we make a full, rich and fruity coffee.  The full range of coffee drinks is on offer, including a Cold Brew, which we make on the premises in our very own Yama Cold Brew Tower.  

The food menu is simple, fresh, delicious and, most importantly, homemade. We use the “Sous Vide” (French for “under vacuum”) method to prepare our meats in a deliciously tender manner.  The meat is vacuum sealed in a pouch and then placed in a water bath at an accurately regulated temperature, much lower than normally used for cooking.  This seals in the juices and results in a very tender and tasty end product.

As far as the music is concerned, we love blues and rock music.  You will never find elevator music playing in our establishment!

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Hosts: Annelie & Gerard Naus




Breakfast Quiche and Salad



Blues Caffè Meals


Blues Caffè Drinks

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